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Anal Masturbation for Men

Men, do you want a body shuddering orgasm? No matter your sexual orientation, anal masturbation is a growing pleasure trend that is here to stay... and for good reason! Men have a biological blessing called the prostate. The prostate is the source of immense pleasure and can trigger extremely intense orgasms, unlike anything you have experienced with traditional masturbation techniques. In this guide, we will cover some of the most asked questions involving anal masturbation tips for men.


Most everyone loves to masturbate, and it's good for you! Masturbation is fun and triggers the pleasure center of the brain which can greatly enhance

Maturation for Men

mood and get near Euphoria. The benefits of anal masturbation are numerous, but like anything worth doing, there is a right way to do it. In this guide, we will walk through proper preparation, anal use of sex toys, lubricant, and tips for exploring your body safely.  Spoiler, it mostly men that wind up in the ER learning anal masturbation not women.  Check below.

Why Should You Try Butt Stuff?

Did you know the anus has a ton of nerve endings that are super sensitive? Every man knows about the G-spot in women, but did you know men have something called the "P-Spot"? That's right fellas, we have our own intense spot to reach orgasm and found by stimulating your prostate through anal penetration. N

Let's Talk Anal Masturbation Preparation

If you are looking to maximize your masturbation experience follow these preparatory steps in order to have the best experience possible. Here is a list of steps we have put together to help.


Hygiene is so critical when considering any sort of penetrative masturbation act, that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Ensuring cleanliness will decrease the chances of developing a nasty infection

First, make sure that your personal hygiene is to the task, after a long day it might be tempting to just jump into some self-exploration. Before you start to give yourself that personal attention that you earned try some of the following methods to reduce the risk of infection and set the mood a bit.

  • Take a relaxing shower: Not only is it a great idea to scrub the grime of the day away, it's also a great staging area to set the mood. Give yourself a little pregame enjoyment. Use the convenience of the shower to start priming the pumps.
  • Consider trimming or shaving your pubic hair: Everyone likes a clean
    Maturation for Men
    workspace, so trimming your intimate parts can aid in keeping your zones as clean as possible. Not only will your partner thank you for the extra attention you give yourself but your masturbation experience will be much smoother... no pun intended.
  • Wash your hands- It's always a good idea to wash your hands immediately before your anal masturbation session.
  • Clean your Sex Toy Beforehand- Before you ever penetrate yourself with a sex toy, whether a dildo, an anal plug, or a hardcore fuck machine it's always important to sanitize your sex toy with an anti-bacterial spray. We personally recommend our premium anti-bacterial spray Glisten.
  • If you are planning on doing some deep penetration consider using a douche beforehand to ensure things stay clean.

Lube is Your Friend

Remember the anus does not self lubricate in any way, so the responsibility is completely up to you. Use lots of lube, and when you think that you have enough.... use a bit more. The less aggressive friction the better, the goal is a smooth gliding action.

Not all lubes are the same though, there are 3 main types of lubricant, Silicone, oil, and water-based lube are the most popular options on the market. We recommend using a water-based lube like Gleam for numerous reasons.

Maturation for Men
  • Safe to use with various sex toy materials. Silicone-based lubes are destructive if using a silicone sex toy.
  • Water-based Lube will not stain fabrics, unlike oil-based lubes, which will permanently leave oil stains on linens.
  • Condom Safe
  • Great for sensitive skin


Just because you are a man doesn't mean you can't treat yourself! Try dimming the lights and throwing on a bit of mood music. Here are a few tips to ensure that you have the best experience.

  • Turn off your phone, nothing will kill the mood like a call from a family member during an intimate moment
  • Clean the space, clutter can be distracting. It's important to focus on the moment, and not be distracted by the mess on the floor.
  • Lock the door, and give yourself a sense of security. I do this even when I'm home alone, it puts the mind at ease and allows you to focus on the moment
  • Create a music playlist, recently I had a masturbation experience ruined when my online radio channel but to an Erectile Disfunction commercial... never again!
  • Prepare some visual aids, feel free to set up your porn. prepare multiple windows for an uninterrupted experience when watching porn

Choosing The Right Sex Toy

These days there is a sex toy available for every fancy, with so many types of sex toys on the market lets take a look at some of the most popular.

Try a finger

Men have been practicing anal for thousands of years. In truth, all you really need to get started on your anal adventure is a water-based lube, and a finger or two... and maybe more if you have been doing a bit of anal training. 

Using a finger is a great way to introduce yourself or start priming yourself for something larger. Finger penetration is typically a shallow penetrative act. This is how most men introduce themselves to anal masturbation.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs otherwise called Anal Plugs are ancient dating back to ancient times and remain popular to this day, and for good reason. Butt plugs offer a sensation of fullness and can greatly enhance our masturbation experience. They come in a variety of materials and functions all with their own unique characteristics. Might we suggest using a stainless steel butt plug like the Reverb from L'acier. Butt plugs can be used as an anal training aid as well as an ideal masturbation experience.

Like all the techniques we discuss in this guide hygiene is extremely important with all sex toys. Be sure to thoroughly clean your sex toys before and after use, we personally like to use Glisten, it's an antibacterial spray from Gleambody. Ensuring proper hygiene is king, that's why we also suggest using a non-porous material such as stainless steel or glass as your choice in the anal plug.

Anal beads

Anal Beads are essentially a string of balls attached to that gradually get larger in size. Typically anal beads are used with partner play however you can easily incorporate this into your solo routine. The joy of anal beads is not only in the entry of the beads, it's also the holding of the fullness, and the sweet release of pulling out.

Anal beads come in a variety of materials and functions. Whether choosing between silicone, glass, or steel it is extremely important to use lots of lube and start small. Insert the small end first and insert one ball at a time, see how full you can go, and stay within your comfort level. Anal Masturbation should not be painful, if so stop... some things wrong.


Most Dildos can be used for anal masturbation, however, not all dildos are equal! Dildos can range in size from huge to tiny, there are endless options, but what makes a dildo good for anal? A few key factors determine if a dildo is anal-specific. The first thing and most obvious is the shape, Take our beloved Prime Preconfigured Walter Series for instance. It has bulbous portions of the dildo that gain girth the deeper you go. Keep in mind that Walter packs some series thrusting action and should only be used with experienced users. 

The material also plays an important part in the decision-making process,

  • Silicone Dildos have a realistic tactile touch and often house additional features such as thrusting action and vibrating action. They are often associated with high-end sex toys.
  • Stainless Steel Dildos have a nonporous material construction which makes them a breeze to sanitize. They are great tools to experiment with temperature play, due to the metal absorbing heat and cold very easily
  • Glass Dildos also have a nonporous material, aiding in easy clean-up. They however are typically lacking additional functions such as trusting of vibrating

How to Stimulate Your Prostate

There is the term called ‘milking the prostate,’ which can give you mind-blowing orgasms without ever needing to stimulate the penis. 

To do it

Get comfortable, set the mood, and relax. 

Apply generous amounts of lube, to either your finger or your sex toy and prepare for entry

Take it easy the first time and don’t push too hard. 

Once you’re inside, you’ll feel a lump there, and that’s your prostate. 

Be gentle and massage the prostate and wait for that mind-blowing orgasms'. 

Anal Masturbation Safety

Read product descriptions and only use sex toy products that are designed for safe anal play.  Small items can get lost in the anus easily if they are not designed for anal play or otherwise have a built in retrieval device.  This warning is particularly important for beginners looking to explore the p-spot, or penetrative anal play - the novice will have a response to stimulus that includes quick tightening of the sphincter and therefore sucking up an item or toy easily, like a bullet vibe.  Use sex toys designed for anal play like reverb which are perfect for beginners because it allows you to work thru relaxing and controlling your anus from contracting ard during play.  For a detail play guide check anal stretching guide, for more knowledge around anal stimulation and play.