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steel anal plug vibrating
anal sex kit

Reverb | Best Vibrating Stainless-Steel Anal Plug

Metal dildo vibrating
Capo | Vibrating Metal Dildo

Capo | Vibrating Metal Dildo

vibrating wand
metal dildo wand

Slide, Anal Stainless Steel Vibrating Wand

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about a Stainless Steel Dildo?

The weight and mass of a stainless steel products will give you an amazing, full feeling that is known for making users orgasm and squirt better than any other dildo type.

Why does a Metal Dildo cost more than a silicone dildo?

These are carefully crafted using specialized processes, including shell casting, machining and polishing. The result is a high quality sex toy that will last a lifetime.

A Metal Vibrator? I never heard of one before.

These are special! A powerful vibe with 10 settings and USB charger for a metal vibrating wand is unique, fully waterproof and comes with different handles so its easy to hold and manipulate.

" Best sex toy I've tried, I really recommend it"

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