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Temperature Play and Metal Dildos


While our self-pleasure and partnered sex routines can be oh-so-satisfyingTemperature Play, Metal Dildos, what would it be like to add a hot or cold twist? Temperature play is kinky to some or typical to others, but nonetheless: It’s sensational. From the cold caress around a body to the indulgent warmth that can fill you, we’re showing you the holy combination of metal dildos with temperature play. 


What is Temperature Play

As straightforward as it sounds, temperature play is simply experimenting with hot or cold   via your body or sex toys to discover new sensations. For example, our L’Acier line of vibrating metal dildos can flawlessly be heated up or   cooled down for an ecstatic, thrilling experience to the touch. Ever had a chilly orgasm, or a heated rub down? Here’s how  you do it. 




Before we start, it’s important to remember that safety and caution are paramount with temperature play. We recommend only modifying the temperature of one of our vibrating metal dildos by about 15-30 degrees F for the best effects. While the degree can be more extreme, you can end up burning yourself - and that’s no fun! Be smart and experiment with your own touch, turning the temperature up or down slowly. 



Temperature Play


COLD.  Start with water as your medium to change the temperature of your metal vibrator. Take a low-ball glass and fill it completely with ice, adding water until it’s nearly full. Grab a vibe like our L’Acier CAPO, putting it in headfirst with a timer for 10 seconds. How does this feel? If not cold enough, try keeping your metal vibrator in for longer. To remember your favorite temperature, try putting in a thermometer so you can cool your toys down to the correct degree every time.  


 Hot Temperature Play


HOT.  Start with water again to add measured temperature change to your sex toy. When it comes to heat, we recommend using a thermometer since there is more chances of burning yourself - your body sits at around 96 degrees Fahrenheit, so that’s a good starting point. Build up the temperature slowly, and allow some time to cool: If you put your toy in boiling water, it will be too hot for your skin. To warm your water, we recommend an electric kettle or our favorite: An electric milk frother. The electric milk frother has a heat setting of 120 degrees F, which is quite comfortable. 



Ways to Try Temperature Play

 If you’re ready to heat things up or cool things down with your metal vibrating dildo, here are some ideas:

  • Cooldown your metal vibrating dildo with ice water and run around your nipples, clitoris, or penis
  • Heat up your metal vibrating dildo with hot water and caress your neck and inner thighs
  • Experiment with heated or cooled penetration from your metal vibrating dildo
  • Trace a heated or cooled metal vibrating dildo from your partner’s earlobes to their toes

L’Acier Metal Vibrators for Temperature Play

Just like your mom's Hitachi back massager from the 1980s, L’Acier may be a new staple in your life! Our stainless steel vibration wands can target and pleasure all parts of the body from self-pleasure to even a much-needed back massage. Fun, right? 


Add temperature to exaggerate the sensation to desired areas, external and internal, with any of the stainless-steel sex toys in the L’Acier range of luxury pleasure items. Each product is sold in a gift box that includes an easy reach universal handle, finger holder, and magnetic USB charger for the bullet vibe which fits your vibrating wand.



Temperature Play and Kink.

Is temperature play kinky? Depends on the person. To some folksTemperature Play, Metal Dildos, temperature play with sex toys would be considered a delightful kink and thrill. The sensual magic of heat and cold incorporated into intimate sex or pleasure play can be found by even the smallest temperature change - what a rush to the senses!

When getting into temperature play, a common bridge from normal to kinky might be things like warming & cooling lubes. While not technically very kinky, it’s an entryway to more intense experiences with temperature play. Our temperature play experience has come from the use of manipulating hot or cold with our partners during sex - specifically, metal dildos! 

Rather rudimentary, my CAPO metal vibrating dildo from L’Acier was a perfect host for temperature play. Unlike silicone dildos or rubber sex toys, my stainless-steel sex toy perfectly adapts its temperature to hot or cold, lasting much longer during play. 

Are you hot, or cold?

 Temperature play can be a routine or kinky experience that will benefit all its sensational players. With safety, patience, and products in mind - heating up or cooling down toys like our line of L’Acier vibrating metal dildos can put an interesting twist on an already mind-blowing pleasure experience. Which will you try?