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Why metal sex toys?

Metal sex toys have been the best kept secret in the adult toy world for a long time.  They deliver spectacular performance by sheer virtue of the natural material; high specific gravity makes them feel heavy and fulfilling.  Of course, they are naturally beautiful to look at, fully polished and glowing with light.  They have always been a favorite among sex toy critics and sex toy reviewers.  Stainless steel sex toys are 100% non-porous, hypoallergenic, long lasting and easy to clean and use.

L’Acier has now added a vibration to their luxury line of stainless-steel sex toys.  This is the world's first metal vibrator, CAPO.  All L’Acier products come with a powerful bullet vibe, easy reach handle, finger holder and USB magnetic charger.


Choose your Steel Dildo?


Capo Metal Vibrator

Capo Stainless Steel Dildo

Capo is purposefully shaped for vaginal orgasm and will likely make you squirt if you don’t pull out after the first couple of orgasms.  Its phallic shape makes for easy entry and there is a distinct precision flat surface underneath the tip of the head which you find is one of the secrets to multiple orgasms with this luxury sex toy.  This virtual sex machine for women is made as a metal casting in 316 stainless steel material, which is machine cut to insert the oversized bullet vibe then the whole sex toy is polished to a mirror finish.  


Slide Steel Wand Vibe

reverb metal sex toy

Slide is our vibrating dildo wand, which is a unisex instrument for soothing and pleasure.   History has made you think wand dildo should look like a Hitachi back massager from 1980.   L’Acier has designed a vibrating wand that has been specifically designed to hit pleasure spots most anywhere on the body meaning that you can easily reach these erogenous zones without much effort.


Reverb Steel Anal Plug

Metal Sex Toy

Reverb is the perfect vibrating analplug. This sex toy is made from polished and machined 316 stainless steel and has been designed for safe anal use in accordance with ISO 3533.  It’s a super pleasurable metal anal plug that includes powerful bullet vibe and easy to use and universal handle.   


Which lubricants are suitable for metal sex toys?

water based lube

We always recommend using lubricant to reduce friction when using sex toys inside the body.  Stainless steel sex toys require less than most other toys because the smooth polished surface glides more easily than textured silicone or rubber sex toys.  Each person should be responsible to gauge the amount needed for their own body.  Generally speaking, more lubricant is required at the start of play to supplement the body’s natural lubrication.  Then the amount of lube required may be reduced, but be sure to make sure you are comfortable.  Although common, pain is not normal, make adjustments to eliminate pain.   Steel sex toys are suitable for all types of lubricants, we recommend our own brand of water-based lube Gleam.  It is made with glycerol from sea kelp and has omega3 and is the best lubricant for sensitive skin.