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steel anal plug vibrating
anal sex kit

Reverb, Best Stainless Steel Vibrating Anal Plug

Metal dildo vibrating
Capo, Vibrating Stainless Metal Dildo

Capo, Vibrating Stainless Metal Dildo

vibrating wand
metal dildo wand

Slide, Stainless Steel Vibrating Wand


Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about a Stainless Steel Dildo?

The weight and mass of a stainless steel products will give you an amazing, full feeling that is known for making users orgasm and squirt better than any other dildo type.

Why does a Metal Dildo cost more than a silicone dildo?

These are carefully crafted using specialized processes, including shell casting, machining and polishing. The result is a high quality sex toy that will last a lifetime.

A Metal Vibrator? I never heard of one before.

These are special! A powerful vibe with 10 settings and USB charger for a metal vibrating wand is unique, fully waterproof and comes with different handles so its easy to hold and manipulate.

" Best sex toy I've tried, I really recommend it"

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